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Huawei Gets A Patent That Will Extend Wireless Charging Distance

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Technology giant Huawei has patented a new technology that will increase the wireless charging distance, according to ITHome’s report. Whether the technology will be used in the real world is not yet known.

China-based technology giant HuaweiLike many companies, it continues to work to patent as many technologies as possible. The latest patent of the company is similar to Xiaomi Mi Air, which is another technology giant, Xiaomi’s technology that rains air charging. But Huawei’s technology is more to increase the wireless charging distance focusing.

According to the news prepared by ITHome, the patent, With patent number CN112564295A published. Wireless charging technology used today requires two coils to be placed opposite each other. While these two coils are placed opposite each other, the distance between them is as small as possible to transmit power. This limits the distance to a great extent.

Anything that is air conductive can be used in wireless charging:


According to the technology giant, the technology in the patent can work with iron, aluminum, copper and other alloys. However, technology can turn any object or substance with higher conductivity than air, such as humans, animals, soil and water, to its advantage. In this way, the range of wireless charging reaches the highest level.

There are some predictions about what Huawei can do with this technology. If the company can increase the wireless charging distance thanks to the technology in this patent such as smart wristbands and watches It can eliminate the need to take their wearable devices off our wrist. Likewise, a phone can be used while it is being charged without being connected to any cable or platform at our disposal.


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In another announcement, the company made a statement regarding companies using 5G technologies. With this announcement, Huawei is one of the smartphone manufacturers using the patented 5G technology. you will start charging had explained. As you can understand, the technology war between technology giants does not only proceed over the products that are released to the market.

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