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How to Choose a Gaming Monitor? Webtekno Special Detailed Guide

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A monitor is one of the most important parts of the system. Your hardware will never perform at a satisfactory level without having the right display. Whether you are playing games, watching videos or doing your job, you definitely cannot be satisfied without the right monitor, especially if you are a gamer. As Webtekno, we explain in detail how to choose the right player monitor.

The monitor is a window into the soul of the computer. Without a suitable screen, both your gaming experience and your daily use will not be of the quality you want. Many professional esports player and hardware specialiststates that different player monitor features change the experience a lot. So, you player monitor what should you pay attention to when choosing?

Player monitor There are a few major factors to consider when choosing. For example, your monitor’s resolution, screen refresh rate and response time. In this detailed step-by-step guide we have prepared for you, we talk about how to choose a player monitor. In addition at the end of the article editor’s note part of you own player monitor I will talk about the experiences I gained during my purchasing process. Let’s move on to our guide without further defrauding.

How to choose a gaming monitor? What should be considered when choosing?

  • Step # 1: Make sure your monitor is serving its purpose
  • Step # 2: Choose a high resolution monitor
  • Step # 3: Do not choose a monitor smaller than 24 inches.
  • Step # 4: Screen refresh rate should not be lower than 144 Hz
  • Step # 5: Choose a monitor with a response time of 1 ms
  • Step # 6: Consider a curved monitor if you can afford it
  • Step # 7: Pay attention to which graphics card brand of the monitor you choose is compatible with Sync technology.

Step # 1: Make sure your monitor is serving its purpose

player monitor

When researching monitors, player monitor to tag Check if it has. The difference of a gaming monitor from monitors used in other daily tasks occurs in the response rate, screen refresh rate and resolution. For this reason, pay attention to these details while doing your research.

Step # 2: Choose a high resolution monitor

player monitor resolution

High resolution means high image quality. The resolution of a monitor height x width tells you how many pixels it contains in its format. 1920 x 1080 (1080p, Full HD) resolution should be the minimum resolution for a gaming monitor. Of course, you will have a much more vivid experience with 2K or 4K monitors, but 1920 x 1080 Do not consider a lower resolution than resolution.

Step # 3: Do not choose a monitor smaller than 24 inches

player monitor resolution

Pixel density has a lot of effect on a monitor’s quality image. The minimum pixel density that a monitor should have in this regard 109 ppi. 27 or 32 inches On large monitors such as low pixel density it will cause you to get a bad image. Player monitor you might consider when choosing lowest if resolution 24 inches should be.

Step # 4: Screen refresh rate should not be lower than 144 Hz

player monitor screen refresh rate

The screen refresh rate indicates how much the monitor updates the screen in one second, and this is measured in Hz. Of course, as in many subjects, the higher the screen refresh rate, the more fluid and beautiful the image on the monitor. One player monitor Considering that the screen refresh rate is minimal 144 Hz should be. When you fix the FPS to 144 in the game, you can get a very fluid image.

Step # 5: Choose a monitor with a response time of 1 ms

player monitor response time

Especially FPS professional in various games esports You may have heard their players talk about how important reaction time is. Response time is the unit of how long a monitor takes individual pixels from black to white. Player monitor definitely about 1 ms response time you should prefer it, otherwise you may experience fogging and lag in your games.

Step # 6: Consider if your curved monitor fits your budget

curved player monitor

Especially on large monitors 27 inches and above, the curved (curved) allows the user to focus more on the game. When you use a monitor with a large flat screen, one end of the screen is too far from the other end, and for this reason, loss of focus may occur.

Step # 7: Pay attention to which graphics card brand of the monitor you choose is compatible with Sync technology

amd freesync vs nvidia g-sync

Your graphics card NVIDIA if G-Sync supported, AMD if FreeSync Be careful to purchase a supported monitor. When you choose the appropriate monitor, you can get an extremely fluent and quality image by making the necessary settings from your graphics card panel. In addition, NVIDIA says that some FreeSync monitors are compatible with G-Sync technology as a result of its tests, you can also take this into consideration.

Editor’s note:

Hello, besides the technical part of the job editor’s note part of you player monitor I will give humble advice by combining the experiences I have gained on my journey of taking and some anecdotes I have learned by researching in various forums. I was also one of those who had no knowledge of the situation when choosing my monitor, which is the last part of my system, so I think my advice will be useful to you.

If you want to buy a 27 inch monitor, don’t think of a resolution lower than 2K.

2k resolution gaming monitor

My 27 inch 144 Hz curved player monitor, which I have recently researched and got excitedly, has only one handicap, it is 1080p resolution. On large-sized screens, this causes a small image tearing, fluctuation and pixelation (it’s really small, just a little irritating if you look very carefully). For this reason if 27 inch monitor you will buy 2K resolution You should not have such a problem with 24 inch monitors.

There is a lot of difference between 144 Hz and 75 Hz, if your budget is suitable, choose a 144 Hz monitor

144 hz vs 75 hz

In one of the technology stores I went to during the research phase, our sales brother told me. He tried to convince me that there was not much difference between 75 Hz and 144 Hz and that I wouldn’t buy the 75 Hz monitor. and I did research on a few forums and saw that many people had this situation. Do not fall into this tong, folks. Also products store prices most of the time Web site from your prices getting more expensive, keep in mind.

Do not be afraid to buy second hand, you can find clean products with good research

second hand monitor

In our country, against the second-hand market of technological products, prejudice However, this is a justifiable situation. However, with a really good research, you can find a product that is in very clean condition and at an affordable price. I’m monitor I bought second hand and it was really almost zero. For this reason, with a good research you can make a lot of profit.

If you are torn between a curved monitor and a flat monitor and are on a budget, definitely opt for a curved monitor.

curved vs flat monitor

If you are aiming to buy a monitor as large as 27 inches or a relatively large monitor such as 24 inches and your budget is a bit big, you can definitely opt for a curved monitor. In line with my own impressions, especially when playing games on large monitors, the curved monitor draws you more into the game. The flatness of large-screen monitors can cause your focus to shift easily.

Monitor I bought: Gamepower GPR27C144

gamepower gpr27c144

  • Screen Size (inch): 27 inches
  • Internal Speaker: No
  • Contrast Ratio (mnt): 2000: 1
  • Sync Technology: FreeSync (AMD)
  • Refresh Rate (Hz): 144 Hz
  • Brightness (cd / m): 280 cd
  • Resolution (max): 1920 x 1080
  • Reaction time: 1 ms
  • Zero price: 2,200 TRY
  • Second hand price: 1,400 TRY

So that How to choose a player monitor, what should be considered when choosing We have come to the end of our content on the subject. Please do not forget to state your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Also to our official Telegram channel from here You can subscribe.

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