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Apple Unplugs Original HomePod

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Technology giant Apple announced that the original HomePod, which it introduced in 2017, will no longer be produced. $ 350 devices will continue to be sold until stocks run out. On the other hand, the company will direct all its focus on HomePod to HomePod mini.

Apple has a brand new product at WWDC 2017 event. HomePod had introduced. Although the speakers could not be used in our country as they did not offer support, they had received very positive feedback from their users abroad. The company last year HomePod mini appeared before us with the product.

The success of HomePod mini contributed to the success of the original HomePod. overshadowed It would not be wrong to say. Despite its smaller size, the loudspeaker could do everything his big-sized brother did. In terms of sound quality, he was not far behind his brother. As such, Apple today an important decision signed.

The original HomePod will no longer be produced:

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Apple four years after the production of the original HomePod stop decision took. The company will continue to produce the HomePod mini, which was introduced in the fall last year, and that you will focus on this speaker explained. It was pointed out that those who want to buy a HomePod right now can buy the speakers until stocks run out.

Unplugging HomePod does not mean that support for speakers is also terminated. The company supports existing HomePods. will continue to support. HomePod users will still be able to get new software updates and technical assistance for the speaker they own.

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Apple’s decision is also very logical in terms of users’ preference. The biggest factor that made the HomePod mini an advantage over the original HomePod was its price. HomePod, $ 349 While sold with a price tag, the smaller and new model HomePod mini, for only 99 dollars could find buyers.

HomePod isn’t the only product Apple recently unplugged. The company, with the statement it made 6 days ago, iMac Pro model will no longer be produced had announced. After this announcement, special iMac Pro productions were not taken, and the standard model of the computer continued to be sold until stocks were exhausted.

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