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Two New MacBooks May Be Introduced Towards the End of 2021

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We have become accustomed to constantly seeing new information about new products from Apple. Although we usually see news about the iPhone 13, a new piece of news released today came about Apple’s laptop series MacBooks. According to the report published by Nikkei Asia, Apple will introduce 2 new MacBook models later this year.

One of the largest technology companies in the world Appleusually comes up with iPhone series. The company’s next smartphone series iPhone 13 We started to see a lot of leaking news about. Details such as the design of the phone, technical details, when it will be released and how much it will have a price tag keep coming.

The claim made today is related to the company’s laptop series MacBook. The news was shared by Nikkei Asia, one of Asia’s reliable news sources. According to the published reports, towards the end of 2021, Apple MacBook will introduce the model.

Not much information about the two mysterious MacBook models


According to the published report, there are two MacBook models coming in the second half of this year, but there is not much information about the models, but there are still some rumors. One of them is that new MacBooks Apple Silicon It will come with chips. This is quite normal and predictable as Apple has stopped using Intel chipsets.

There is no information about the model numbers of the upcoming MacBook models, but given previous claims, Apple’s A 14-inch MacBook The probability of removing the model is too great. Apart from these, unfortunately, we do not have any information about the new MacBook models. Of course, let’s point out that these are also allegations and do not reflect any precise information.

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