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Nikon Announces ‘Z9’ Camera

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Nikon announced its flagship camera at a press conference. While the technical specifications of this camera named Z9, which supports 8K video shooting, were not disclosed, no official statement was made regarding the release date of the product.

It will withdraw from the camera industry, which it has pioneered in the past days alleged Nikonmade a move that refuted these allegations. 2021 model flagship camera at a press conference Mentioning the Z9 The company announced that this product will deliver an unprecedented level of photography experience. Nikon’s full-frame camera, sensor with CMOS technology, a brand new processor and it comes with 8K video shooting capability.

Nikon officials, detailed explanation of the specifications of flagship cameras they didn’t. The officials said that this camera will have the best photo and video capabilities in Nikon’s history, and announced that they have brought together groundbreaking technologies in the photography industry for the Z9. The company has also added support for 8K video capture. with video capture modes promises to deliver the best experience ever.

The design of the Nikon Z9 is as follows

Nikon Z9

Nikon officials did not provide detailed information about the Z9, but managed to leak the company’s work. Nikon Rumors The website named, shared some information about this camera. This information includes the camera 45 to 60 MP It will offer resolution in the range of 16-bit RAW There are technical features such as the shooting mode and the 20 fps electronic viewfinder. Also to users a new interface It is also among the leaked information that it will be presented.


Nikon launches Photo and Video Editing App NX Studio for Free

Nikon has not made an official statement regarding the release date and price of the flagship camera Z9. However, according to Nikon Rumors, the company 2021 Tokyo OlympicsIt would test it in, and launch it in the autumn. Price and other technical details will be edited by Nikon at global launch will become clear.

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