Overview of the Slot Machine, “Mystic Panther: Treasures of the Wild”

Infinity Dragon Studios, in conjunction with Microgaming, created the online slot machine Mystic Panther: Treasures of the Wild. To far, Infinity Dragon has only released a handful of games. The studio has a fantastic logo of a dragon curled into the shape of an infinity sign, but beyond that, there is very little information available about it elsewhere online. Thus, we entered Mystic Panther with some degree of apprehension. In reality, we discovered a generic slot machine game that offered nothing particularly special beyond the usual Link&Win bonus and some free spins with full-reel wilds.

Let’s give Mystic Panther props for having a passable backdrop image. The game takes place in a dark and frightening forest, with disturbing images that stand in stark contrast to the game’s tremendously joyful soundtrack. If the studio had taken advantage of the dreary setting, they may have made something original and weighty. On the other hand, Mystic Panther doesn’t operate that way; instead, they seem to prioritize making people happy. The cheerful soundtrack, colorful symbols, and many traditional slot wild animals all contribute to this effect. In conclusion, Mystic Panther evokes Mega Moolah in the jingle without the massive progressive that goes along with it.

When we look at how Mystic Panther performs statistically, we see that it holds up really well. Keep in mind there are three possible RTP setups, the best of which yields a result of 96.52%. All of them are extremely risky, with a win occurring on around one-third of spins (30.33%). Mystic Panther may be played on desktop computers and mobile devices, and wagers range from 20 cents to £/€20 each spin.

There are 729 possible combinations to win while playing Mystic Panther on the 6-reel, 3-row game grid. This occurs if two of the top premium symbols or three of any other symbol type appear on consecutive, left-to-right reels. Six identical low-value symbols (the 10 through A card values) pay out between 1.25 and 4 times the wager, while six identical high-value symbols (the meerkat, zebra, elephant, or indigenous woman) pay out between 5 and 10 times the wager. The panther is useful because it serves as a wild emblem. On reels 2, 3, or 5, a panther wild appears and replaces any other symbol (apart from the free spins and Link&Win icons).

Features of the Slot Machine, “Mystic Panther: Treasures of the Wild”

Since there are no further features in the base game, Mystic Panther’s two bonus games—free spins and the Link&Win—are its major draw.

Bonus Turns

If the gold mask scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, the player receives 10 free games and a payout equal to one time their wager. There is a risk that all of the reels will turn wild when you’re playing for free. That’s about it for the bonus’s selling points. Finally, gamers who land three scatter symbols can retrigger the bonus round.


The Link&Win bonus game is activated by landing at least six of the Link&Win symbols. At the start of the bonus round, the triggering symbols are frozen in place, and three more spins are granted. If further Link&Win symbols appear, they, too, become fixed, and the number of re-spins resets to three. The feature concludes and the symbols in view are rewarded when either all positions are filled or the number of respins reaches zero. The payout for Link&Win symbols ranges from 1x the stake up to the bonus prize multiplier of 500x the bet. The grand reward of 5,000 times the wager is paid if 18 Link&Win symbols appear.

Conclusion on the Slot Game “Mystic Panther: Treasures of the Wild”

No matter how familiar you are with the hold ’em and win’ genre, you probably won’t find anything new in Mystic Panther. Six reels and 729 possible winning combinations were an intriguing novelty at first. After a few turns, everyone could see that nothing new or interesting was happening, and morale plummeted. This slot combines a familiar theme with equally typical characteristics, from the basic gameplay to the two regular bonus rounds.

As has already noted, the scenery isn’t terrible. It might have gone in a far more intriguing path if Infinity Dragon had maintained taking risks in an unconventional fashion. Just musing out loud here, but picture a setting like Mental set in a rainforest teeming with frightening animals and uncivilized people. Insufficiently radical? That’s certainly the case with Infinity Dragon, which has clung to norms like a newborn sloth to its mother. It’s true that Mystic Panther may be profitable for people who enjoy its design and core features. The total possibility is 14,000x the bet, which includes the 5,000x Grand prize (though it’s hard to understand how that would be feasible). Mystic Panther may be OK if conventional wisdom dictates that profits come before creativity.

From the outset, Mystic Panther was doomed to mediocrity due to our realization that there wasn’t all that much mystical occurring. The biggest problem is that we’ve all seen these elements before, and they’re usually better executed elsewhere. It’s not just the major factors that matter, but also the minor ones. When the Hold&Win function activates, for instance, the screen hardly even attempts to alter itself. Even if the game’s victory percentage is probably respectable, Mystic Panther falls short in areas where creativity is required.

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